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BMeasure-lib  1.0.0
BMeasureApi::Information Class Reference

#include <BMeasureD.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static const BObjMembergetMembers ()

Public Attributes

NodeInfo nodeInfo
BUInt8 numConfigItems
 The number of config items. More...
BUInt8 numChannels
 The number of channels. More...
BUInt8 spare0 [2]
BTimeUs time
 The system time. More...
BUInt32 networkMode
 The network Mode. More...
BUInt8 networkMacAddress [6]
BUInt8 spare1 [2]
BUInt32 networkAddress
 The network IP address. More...
BUInt32 networkMask
 The network netmask. More...
BUInt32 networkGateway
 The network gateway. More...
BUInt32 networkNameServer0
 The network nameserver. More...
BUInt32 networkTimeServer
 The network time server. More...
BUInt32 wifiMode
 The Wifi mode. More...
BUInt8 wifiMacAddress [6]
BUInt8 spare2 [2]
BUInt32 wifiAddress
 The Wifi IP address. More...
BUInt32 wifiMask
 The Wifi netmask. More...
BUInt32 wifiGateway
 The Wifi gateway. More...
BTime calibTime
 The last calibration time. More...
BUInt8 spare3 [28]

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMembers()

const BObjMember * BMeasureApi::Information::getMembers ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ calibTime

BTime BMeasureApi::Information::calibTime

The last calibration time.

◆ networkAddress

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::networkAddress

The network IP address.

◆ networkGateway

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::networkGateway

The network gateway.

◆ networkMacAddress

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Information::networkMacAddress[6]

◆ networkMask

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::networkMask

The network netmask.

◆ networkMode

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::networkMode

The network Mode.

◆ networkNameServer0

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::networkNameServer0

The network nameserver.

◆ networkTimeServer

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::networkTimeServer

The network time server.

◆ nodeInfo

NodeInfo BMeasureApi::Information::nodeInfo

◆ numChannels

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Information::numChannels

The number of channels.

◆ numConfigItems

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Information::numConfigItems

The number of config items.

◆ spare0

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Information::spare0[2]

◆ spare1

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Information::spare1[2]

◆ spare2

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Information::spare2[2]

◆ spare3

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Information::spare3[28]

◆ time

BTimeUs BMeasureApi::Information::time

The system time.

◆ wifiAddress

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::wifiAddress

The Wifi IP address.

◆ wifiGateway

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::wifiGateway

The Wifi gateway.

◆ wifiMacAddress

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Information::wifiMacAddress[6]

◆ wifiMask

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::wifiMask

The Wifi netmask.

◆ wifiMode

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Information::wifiMode

The Wifi mode.

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