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BMeasure-125i - Data capture, logging and control IOT system

The Beam BMeasure-125i unit is a flexible and powerful system for data capture, data logging and control in the laboratory, industrial and remote sensing arenas. It is based around an 8 channel, fully differential, synchronous sampling, 24 bit ADC that can acquire data at speeds of up to 128 ksps. Multiple units can be linked together for up to 32 synchronously sampled channels.

Operating as a data capture unit the system can capture the data from 8 analogue and 8 digital channels to a host computer over the USB, Ethernet, WiFi or RS-485 interfaces. Operating as a data logger, the system can autonomously sample and store the data to in-built FLASH memory for later data retrieval.

The unit is low power and has flexible power supply inputs. Options include power over Ethernet and battery operation for remote monitoring applications.

Direct cloud access via the Internet is a configurable feature.

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