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BMeasure-lib  1.0.0
BMeasureApi::Configuration Class Reference

#include <BMeasureD.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static const BObjMembergetMembers ()

Public Attributes

BUInt32 version
 The configuration version. More...
BChar name [16]
BChar location [16]
Mode mode
 The boot run mode. More...
SecurityMode securityMode
 The security mode. More...
BUInt8 logData
 Log the data. More...
BUInt8 logDataMode
 Log data mode. More...
BUInt8 logDataDevice
 The device to store data. More...
BUInt8 source
 The source number if multiple units are in use. More...
BUInt8 sampleFrequencyMode
 The base sample frequency mode. More...
DigitalMode digitalMode
 The digital mode. More...
BUInt8 digitalPins [8]
NetworkMode networkMode
 The network mode (0 - off, 1 - dhcp, 2 - manual) More...
BUInt8 spare1 [3]
BUInt32 networkAddress
 The network IP address. More...
BUInt32 networkMask
 The network netmask. More...
BUInt32 networkGateway
 The network gateway. More...
BUInt32 networkNameServer0
 The network nameserver. More...
BUInt32 networkTimeServer
 The network timeserver. More...
Rs485Mode rs485Mode
 The RS485 mode. More...
BUInt8 rs485Bits
 The RS485 number of bits. More...
BUInt8 rs485StopBits
 The RS485 stop bits. More...
BUInt8 spare2
BUInt32 rs485BaudRate
 The RS485 baud rate. More...
WifiMode wifiMode
 The wifi mode. More...
BUInt8 spare3 [3]
BChar wifiAp0 [32]
BChar spare4 [32]
AlarmConfig alarms [16]
EventMode mqttMode
 MQTT mode. More...
BUInt8 spare5 [3]
BChar mqttServer [32]
BUInt32 mqttPort
 The MQTT port. More...
EventMode emailMode
 Email mode. More...
BUInt8 spare6 [3]
BChar emailAddress [32]
BChar program [32]

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMembers()

const BObjMember * BMeasureApi::Configuration::getMembers ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ alarms

AlarmConfig BMeasureApi::Configuration::alarms[16]

◆ digitalMode

DigitalMode BMeasureApi::Configuration::digitalMode

The digital mode.

◆ digitalPins

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::digitalPins[8]

◆ emailAddress

BChar BMeasureApi::Configuration::emailAddress[32]

◆ emailMode

EventMode BMeasureApi::Configuration::emailMode

Email mode.

◆ location

BChar BMeasureApi::Configuration::location[16]

◆ logData

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::logData

Log the data.

◆ logDataDevice

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::logDataDevice

The device to store data.

◆ logDataMode

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::logDataMode

Log data mode.

◆ mode

Mode BMeasureApi::Configuration::mode

The boot run mode.

◆ mqttMode

EventMode BMeasureApi::Configuration::mqttMode

MQTT mode.

◆ mqttPort

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Configuration::mqttPort

The MQTT port.

◆ mqttServer

BChar BMeasureApi::Configuration::mqttServer[32]

◆ name

BChar BMeasureApi::Configuration::name[16]

◆ networkAddress

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Configuration::networkAddress

The network IP address.

◆ networkGateway

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Configuration::networkGateway

The network gateway.

◆ networkMask

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Configuration::networkMask

The network netmask.

◆ networkMode

NetworkMode BMeasureApi::Configuration::networkMode

The network mode (0 - off, 1 - dhcp, 2 - manual)

◆ networkNameServer0

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Configuration::networkNameServer0

The network nameserver.

◆ networkTimeServer

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Configuration::networkTimeServer

The network timeserver.

◆ program

BChar BMeasureApi::Configuration::program[32]

◆ rs485BaudRate

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Configuration::rs485BaudRate

The RS485 baud rate.

◆ rs485Bits

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::rs485Bits

The RS485 number of bits.

◆ rs485Mode

Rs485Mode BMeasureApi::Configuration::rs485Mode

The RS485 mode.

◆ rs485StopBits

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::rs485StopBits

The RS485 stop bits.

◆ sampleFrequencyMode

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::sampleFrequencyMode

The base sample frequency mode.

◆ securityMode

SecurityMode BMeasureApi::Configuration::securityMode

The security mode.

◆ source

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::source

The source number if multiple units are in use.

◆ spare1

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::spare1[3]

◆ spare2

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::spare2

◆ spare3

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::spare3[3]

◆ spare4

BChar BMeasureApi::Configuration::spare4[32]

◆ spare5

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::spare5[3]

◆ spare6

BUInt8 BMeasureApi::Configuration::spare6[3]

◆ version

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::Configuration::version

The configuration version.

◆ wifiAp0

BChar BMeasureApi::Configuration::wifiAp0[32]

◆ wifiMode

WifiMode BMeasureApi::Configuration::wifiMode

The wifi mode.

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