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BMeasure-lib  1.0.0
BMeasureApi::CalibrateInfo Class Reference

#include <BMeasureD.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static const BObjMembergetMembers ()

Public Attributes

BUInt32 stage
 Stage to run. More...
BFloat64 calibrateFrequency
 The Awg frequency for calibration. More...
BFloat64 calibrateAmplitude
 The Awg amplitude for calibration. More...
BFloat64 calibrateTime
 Number of seconds to calibrate over (synced to multiple AWG cycles) More...
BFloat64 value
 Target/Set Value. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMembers()

const BObjMember * BMeasureApi::CalibrateInfo::getMembers ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ calibrateAmplitude

BFloat64 BMeasureApi::CalibrateInfo::calibrateAmplitude

The Awg amplitude for calibration.

◆ calibrateFrequency

BFloat64 BMeasureApi::CalibrateInfo::calibrateFrequency

The Awg frequency for calibration.

◆ calibrateTime

BFloat64 BMeasureApi::CalibrateInfo::calibrateTime

Number of seconds to calibrate over (synced to multiple AWG cycles)

◆ stage

BUInt32 BMeasureApi::CalibrateInfo::stage

Stage to run.

◆ value

BFloat64 BMeasureApi::CalibrateInfo::value

Target/Set Value.

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