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BMeasure-lib  1.0.0
BMeasureApi::CommsSerial Class Reference

#include <CommsSerial.h>

Inheritance diagram for BMeasureApi::CommsSerial:

Public Member Functions

 CommsSerial ()
 ~CommsSerial ()
BError connect (BString device)
BError disconnect ()
BUInt readAvailable ()
BError read (void *data, BUInt32 num, BUInt32 &nTrans)
BError write (const void *data, BUInt32 num, BUInt32 &nTrans)
BError wait (BUInt32 eventSet, BTimeout timeout=-1, BUInt32 num=1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BComms
 BComms ()
virtual ~BComms ()
virtual BError init ()
virtual BError setPacketMode (Bool packetMode)
virtual Bool packetMode ()
virtual BError setTimeout (BTimeout timeoutUs)
virtual BError connect (const char *resource)
virtual Bool isConnected ()
virtual void flush (Flush flush)
virtual BUInt writeAvailable ()
virtual BError writeChunks (const BDataChunk *chunks, BUInt nChunks, BUInt32 &nTrans)
virtual BError wait (BEventWaitSet events, BTimeout timeoutUs=BTimeoutForever, BUInt32 num=1)
virtual void eventQueue (BEventQueue *eventQueue, BInt32 event, BUInt num=1)

Private Attributes

BString odevice
int oserialPort

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from BComms
enum  Flush
- Public Attributes inherited from BComms
- Protected Attributes inherited from BComms
Bool oconnected
Bool opacketMode
BTimeout otimeout
BInt32 oevent
BUInt oeventNum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CommsSerial()

BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::CommsSerial ( )

◆ ~CommsSerial()

BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::~CommsSerial ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ connect()

BError BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::connect ( BString  device)

◆ disconnect()

BError BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::disconnect ( )

Reimplemented from BComms.

◆ read()

BError BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::read ( void *  data,
BUInt32  num,
BUInt32 nTrans 

Implements BComms.

◆ readAvailable()

BUInt BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::readAvailable ( )

Reimplemented from BComms.

◆ wait()

BError BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::wait ( BUInt32  eventSet,
BTimeout  timeout = -1,
BUInt32  num = 1 

◆ write()

BError BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::write ( const void *  data,
BUInt32  num,
BUInt32 nTrans 

Implements BComms.

Member Data Documentation

◆ odevice

BString BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::odevice

◆ oserialPort

int BMeasureApi::CommsSerial::oserialPort

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