Electronics and Software
Engineering Innovation

We are an Engineering company involved in the design, development and production of electronic and software products.

Our primary expertise is with Instrumentation, measuring things, control, embedded systems, robotics, real-time, DSP and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. However, our knowledge and abilities are extensive. We perform innovative Research and Development tightly integrating electronics with software.

Our design and development expertise allows us to work with you to turn your unique customer requirements into well designed innovative solutions.

We are based near Bath and Bristol. Just contact us to discuss your needs and see if we can work with you to develop a new solution or product.

Some Examples of projects we have worked on

Innovative Solutions

We are especially experienced in developing innovative and practical systems for customers. Our research and development abilities along with our extensive knowledge of electronics hardware and software allow us to design systems, large or small and provide unique and often simple solutions. Unusually our engineers are experienced in both hardware and software design and are adept at hardware/software integration which allows us to provide efficient design solutions.

Our work majors in the field of instrumentation, sensors, data capture and processing, control, robotics, low-power interface and scientific systems. Routinely we use digital signal processing (DSP), real-time and parallel processing techniques. Systems are often based on ARM Cortex low-power micro-processors or PIC/Atmel processors through ARM Linux systems to real-time multi-FPGA systems capable of processing 18 billion samples per second.

We can design digital and analogue electronic circuits developing to prototype or small to medium production runs. With our partners we can design mechanical assemblies and move to higher level production runs. The local York EMC test house provides us the ability for us to take a system design through the range of CE standards testing

The companies we work with range from small two man companies to larger oil and gas engineering companies, science companies and research organisations.

Whatever your system, instrumentation, software or electronics requirements are please don't hesitate to contact us for an informal chat or visit. We can often provide new insights and ideas for your systems or products.

For more information please have a look at our examples pages although these only contain a fraction of the projects we are and have been involved in.

We can also help and partner with you on InnovateUK funded projects. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


We have experienced bespoke software developers and work in many varied areas. Embedded systems and real-time systems are a speciality especially when digital signal processing is involved. However we have also been involved with developing massive data storage systems with MySQL databases and PHP based WEB front ends.

IoT software is also a speciality, we often include mini WEB servers into systems for control and data management over Wifi, Ethernet or other interfaces.

We are well versed in all aspects of the Linux OS from writing applications to writing Linux kernel device drivers and porting Linux to new hardware platforms.

Recent Projects

As well as our own products we work on many projects for our customers. Many of our projects are commercially sensitive. So this list just includes a few of the open projects we have carried out. Please see our examples for more.

DS200i Drain Inspection System

This project designed and developed the electronics and software for a mobile drain inspection system. The battery operated unit is based around an NXP IMX8mp processor and supports up to 4 full HD analogue TVI cameras with display to a 1280x800 high brightness LCD panel and a HDMI monitor.

Semiconductor Test Machine - Replacement of legacy I/O card

Our customer has an ageing custom designed high voltage semiconductor test unit. While the unit operates, well the main I/O board had become obsolete and replacements unavailable. We developed a compatiable replacement for the existing IEEE488 I/O board.

Dune Neutrino Experiment.

Beam assisted the Bristol University Physics department with the design and development of the NVMe data storage system for this system

Lithium battery production line test system

A lithium battery production company needed to measure accurately the cell voltage of 12 battery cells in a pack the production line produces. We assisted by supplying BMeasure-125i's to perform the measurement and produced a Python GUI to manage the production line test using these.

BMeasure-125i data acquisition instrument.
We are developing our flexible and powerful data capture, logging and control unit.
Prolab Water Quality purification
This project designed and developed the electronics and software for a laboratory ultra-pure water purification system.
Automotive Emission Control System
A unit for the reduction of pollutants generated by automotive internal combustion engines.
Cable Instruments
Cable Measuring Systems
Using our extensive instrumentation research and development abilities we have developed innovative cable monitoring techniques to measure insulation resistance with high accuracy on live operating cable systems.
Armsys systems
As part of our internal R&D program we have developed hardware boards and software tools to allow us to get the most out of the new 32 bit ARM Cortex processors.
NetDsp board
NetDsp Xilinx Vertex 6 based 1u DSP processing system
This project design and developed a FPGA based system to process radio signals is a small 1U rack mounted case. We designed and produced the 16 layer PCB that utilises a XilinxVirtex-6 FPFA to process the radio signals in real-time.
cern rack
Particle Trajectory Measurement System for the CERN Proton Synchrotron
This project involved the design, construction,commissioning,  support and maintenance of a new trajectory measurement system for the CERN Proton Synchrotron.