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BMeasure Release Notes

Release 1.0.5 – 2020-09-14

  1. bmeasure-125i: Fixed an issue where the calibrate zeros command did not work with some measurement settings.

Release 1.0.4 – 2020-08-21

  1. bmeasure-125i-fpga: There was an intermittent fault that, with certain configurations, could cause analogue data capture to return the wrong data for some channels after an hour or mores running. This has been fixed in bmeasure-125i-fpga firmware 1.0.1.

  2. bmeasure-gui: There was an issue where people were accidentally enabling two independent BMeasure-125i units at a time leading to the configuration of the slave being lost. There is now a “Multi connect” checkbox that has to be enabled to allow combined multiple unit operation.

  3. Fixed an issue in the API when using the single measurement function measure(), where it did not return valid data.

  4. bmeasure-gui: Added support for saving and restoring the BMeasure-125i configuration.

Release 1.0.3 – 2020-08-05

  1. bmeasure-data: Fixed digital output values when converting processed data files to CSV format.

  2. bmeasure-lib: Fixed issue when writing bmeas data files where data could be missing with certain configuration settings.

  3. bmeasure-gui: The fileRawSave configuration parameter was not being saved.

  4. bmeasure-gui: Added the ability to reboot the BMeasure-125i unit.

  5. bmeasure-gui: Now allows the alarm minimum and maximum settings to have negative values.

  6. bmeasure-gui, bmeasure-125i: Now supports the alarm mode of Magnitude. In this mode the “Level High” is used to bound the magnitude of the signal. Thus any signals whose magnitude (both positive and negative) is greater than “Level high” will trigger the alarm.

Release 1.0.2 – Preliminary

Minor bugfix release.

  1. bmeasure-125i: Provided support for AWG frequencies below 10 Hz.

Release 1.0.1 – 2020-02-13

Minor bugfix release.

  1. Fixed an issue where the bmeasure-gui application could crash with network connections.

  2. BMeasure-gui: Improvements to RMS and Mean data value displays in graphs TAB.

Release 1.0.0 – 2020-02-09

Production release of the BMeasure software.