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CamServe - Covert CCTV DVR with wireless WiFi access



The CamServe product is designed for covert camera surveillance applications although it can be used in any CCTV application where conventional CCTV camera's and/or Network IP cameras need to be used. The system provides a Network/IP interface to traditional CCTV cameras including wired and wireless micro covert cameras together with DVR functions in a small simple to use unit. The wired and WiFi wireless network interfaces allow devices such as remote laptops to view and download video from the system.


  • Works with conventional CCTV cameras including wired and wireless miniature covert pinhole cameras.
  • Works with latest generation of Network/IP cameras. These can be plugged into the network interface port or accessed via the WiFi interface.
  • WiFi interface allowing remote access via Laptop computers or other systems using secure WiFi protocols.
  • Optional GPRS/G3 mobile telephone interface allowing remote access via mobile telephone network.
  • DVR functions using internal 60GByte disk drive. This provides storage for between 3 and 12 days of 25Hz frame rate video recording depending on video quality chosen.
  • H.264 and MPEG-4 compressed video storage and network transfer to increase DVR video storage time and reduce network bandwidth requirements.
  • Motion detection and video storage only on motion mode.
  • Easy to use CCTV application for viewing cameras and downloading video.
  • Web based interface allowing access through a conventional web browser.
  • Up to 4 standard wired or wireless CCTV camera's and 4 Network/IP camera's can be used simultaneously.
  • All video is date/time stamped.
  • Simple to configure and use.
  • Relatively low power and noise.
  • Internet connection ability for remote access and/or automatic email notification on movement detection during specific periods.
  • Typical usage

    Camserver usage


    Sales of the CamServe system is handled by Astra Communications Ltd.
    Astra Communications Ltd
    Email info@astresec.com
    Web http://www.astrasec.com/
    Telephone 0117 372 0404