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Green Update of Beam Offices

Usage - How Well it Is Working

Beam Unit

This page lists some info on the operation of of SolarPV, Air-source Heat Pump, Insulation and LED lights.

Solar PV

The solar PV system is working very well. The import/export metering is really proving its worth. For example we noticed that a 2 kW convection heater had been left on over night while looking at the power usage. On average this was using 1 kw both day and night. Based on our power usage over this time it was using about half of our electricity usage. Even worse, as the solar PV is now providing power for us during the day, that convection heater was actually using around 90% of our paid for electricity!


This graph is with an old 2kw convector heater and an EV car being charges as well as normal office equipment running.

We will add some more here after we have used the system for a while.

Air Source Heat Pump




LED Lights



We mainly did this work to reduce our carbon usage and do our bit to help with the climate emergency. However we are business people and cost savings are always in our minds :)

Our initially calculated cost savings were: