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XVI-SB Installation

BEAM Ltd 1998

Release 3.2.7

XVI-SB Install Software

The Package

The XVISB 3.2.7 release is installed using a boot floppy and from the Network.

Disks Title
1 Install Disk


Insert the XVI-SB Install Disk and XVI-SB CDROM into the XVI-SB unit and boot by switching the unit on. To the following questions answer the following:

Question or Information Answer
XVI software is already installed
Do you want to re-install, upgrade, or quit (i/u/q)? i<CR>
Do you want to change the configuration (y/n)? n<CR>
Do you wish to install from the network, cdrom or floppies ? n<CR>
Partition Table Editor is seen
Command : (Exit witout change) 4<CR>
Do you want to install from xvisb_3.2.7.tar.z y<CR>
Please remove the floppy disk and press CR to continue <CR>

The XVI_SB unit will install the software and reboot at the end.

Your install of the XVISB software has been completed.

Table of Contents