Installation Guide BEAM XVI-SB


This document is intended for the use of personnel installing the BEAM XVI-SB speech and braille terminals.

The Installation Kit

To perform the installation a suitable pair of electrical side-cutters will be required. Some form of knife for the opening of packing cases will be of benifit.

The Terminal is supplied as a kit of parts in packing boxes. The full list is as follows :-




XVI-SB Base Unit








Mouse Mat


Mouse Holder


Alva Braille display


Alva Power unit


Security Cable


Floppy lock


XVI-SB Manual







Base unit power

IEC Socket - 13A UK Main plug

Monitor power

IEC Socket - IEC Plug

Monitor signal

15Way D-Type Plug - Plug

HBox - Telephone

4Way Data Plug - Plug

HBox - Alva

3.5mm Stereo Jack plug - plug

HBox - XVI-SB Base

5Way DIN - 3 * 3.5mm Stereo jack plugs

XVI-SB Base - Alva

25Way D-Type Socket - 9Way D-Type socket

Network Cable

8Way RJ45 plug to plug

Each item should be checked off against the above lists before continuing. Any missing parts will mean an unsatisfactory installation.

The ideal location of the various parts is shown in the diagram below.


In some cases this ideal will, due to position of desks walls etc not be possible. In such circumstances the Base unit should be located where it is most suitable for the user. It may be neccessary to use extended cables where the base unit must be situated further than normal from the desk. These cables are not part of the standard distribution and can be obtained seperately from BEAM.


The Alva display uses a 13Amp Plug style plug-in power unit. This unit is larger than a normal plug and may require a short extension when attempting to fit, for example into floor based socket outlets.

The mouse holder is affixed to the side of the monitor using the supplied self adhesive pad.

The keyboard is mounted above the alva display by use of two plastic spacers supplied with the Alva unit.

When installation is complete the mouse should be stored neatly in the holder.

Use the security kit to attach the Monitor and Base unit to the desk.


Make the appropriate electrical connections ot the unit as shown in the diagrams below.

Later versions of the terminal used ATX style motherboards:


Post connection testing

STOP - During the test phase below you will need to note down the ethernet address of the terminal. This information is displayed for a short period during the booting of the terminal. Have a pen to hand.

One of the messages refers to bootp - MAKE A NOTE of the ethernet address printed on the screen. This is REQUIRED when adding information regarding the terminal onto the local branch platform. The table below is provided to jot down the details.

Refference Table

Terminal Type


Ethernet Address


Switch on the Alva display (The power switch is located at the rear of the unit).

Once the connections have been made to all of the parts the main system power switch (located on the front panel of the Base unit) should be switched on. A green LED located on the Base unit front panel indicates that the unit switched is on, and powered-up.

Locate the monitor power switch and ensure that this is also switched on.

Once power is applied the unit will (all being correct) boot. Various messages will be displayed on the monitor during the booting sequence. As mentioned above take a note of the ethernet address.

The terminal type for the XVI-SB terminal is BEAM_SB

The ethernet address you have just noted down.

Enter this information in the normal manner onto the Branch platform designated.

Once the information for the terminal has been entered reboot the terminal by cycling the power switch (off and then on).

This time the terminal will boot to display the normal Barclays login screen.

Check that the headset operates - Press a key on the keyboard, the name of this key should be spoken by the unit.

Check that the telephone connection is correct - press the headset button on the telephone. The dial tone should be heard in the headset.

In the Event of Problems

If you suspect a problem with the BEAM supplied components a BEAM help-desk facility can be contacted on the following telephone number - 01454 324512