The BEAM XVI-SB Computer Terminal



The BEAM XVI-SB Computer Terminal is designed for blind or severly visually impaired users. It offers all of the features of a conventional Unix X-Windows Network Terminal with the addition of screen magnification and screen reader software which drives a Braille display and speach unit.


The system comprises of a computer mini-tower base unit, a 17inch monitor, a mouse and keyboard and an Alva Delphi 440 Braille display with internal speach unit.


The BEAM XVI-SB Computer Terminal provides full support for the X-Windows GUI system. In addition it provides screen magnification and screen reader programs. The screen magnification program is useful for users with a limited amount of vision and provides a screen magnification of up to 8 times the standard size. The screen reader software provides a user interface that allows the user to read the display using both the Braille and speach units.

Computer Systems

The BEAM XVI range of computer terminals is designed to work with any computer system that employs the X-Window GUI system. Most unix workstations and servers as well as other systems are supported.

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