BEAM Ltd. 1999

Release 3.4.3 : 11/11/99


This guide covers the information on how to update previous versions of the BEAM XVI and XVISB software to the new XVI 3.4.3 release.

Prior to XVI 3.4.3 there were two sets of software, XVI and XVISB. XVI 3.4.3 merges these into one release that can be installed on all BEAM hardware. When a system is updated, the configuration of that system is retained. Thus an XVI Magnification system updated still behaves as an XVI Magnification system after update. Likewise an XVISB system configured as XVI, XVI-S, XVI-SM, XVI-SB etc will retain the same configuration as before the update. All user configuration files will be retained.

Update Media

The following media is shipped with the XVI 3.4.3 release.

1 off CDROM: XVI Install CD: This CDROM contains the files that make up release XVI 3.4.3.

1 off FLOPPY: XVI Install disk: This boot floppy allows manual installation of the software onto the terminal.

Update Methods

There are a number of methods to update the software on a BEAM XVI terminal. We recommend installing the software across the network either remotely through a telnet login or locally by the XVI terminals administrator. For the other methods please refer to the "XVI Management Overview" document.

Updating the Software across the Network

During a network update the terminal loads the required files from a host computer across a network. Firstly files supplied on the CDROM must be copied into a specific location on the host and given the appropriate permission to be accessed by the terminal.

How one goes about setting up the host is beyond the scope of this document. Before the terminal is updated the following environment should be provided.

1) The file xvisb_3.4.3.tar.z should be located in hosts directory /opt/bxterm.

2) The 'file' xvi_3.4.3.tar.z which should be either a symbolic or hard link to the file xvisb_3.4.3.tar.z (see above) should be located in directory /opt/bxterm.

3) Optionally, if the application information files require update then the new versions should be packaged into a file xvisbconfig_3.4.?.tar.z, where ? should be replaced by the minor release number, and this file located into the /opt/bxterm directory.

4) The /opt/bxterm directory should be NFS read mountable from the terminal. The files in /opt/bxterm must have read permissions.

There are two way to perform the network update

By a remote operator:

A remote operator should log into the terminal using telnet and run the command Update. Once the Update command has completed the system should be rebooted with the reboot command.

By a local administrator

As the terminal boots a number of questions are asked on the screen. When the question "Do you wish to update to version ....." appears, the administrator should type "y" followed by the "Enter" key. The system will update itself and reboot automatically.


1. If when performing a remote update via telnet the Update fails. BEFORE issuing the reboot command the directory /NEW must be removed using the command rm -fr /NEW. Otherwise the system will fail to reboot.

2. If the network based install fails, it will be necessary to Boot the terminal from the floppy disk and install across the network or from the CDROM. This is covered in the" XVI Management Overview" document

3. If a non network update of an XVI Magnification terminal is required, a set of floppies containing the XVI 3.4.3 release will be required. This is because the XVI Magnification terminals have no CDROM drive.