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Dune NVMe Storage System =========================== This directory contains the source code for the Dune NvmeStorage system together with a simple NVMe test environment. It contains the FPGA VHDL source code, simulation environment and build environment for the Nvme test FPGA firmware and the nvme_test host software. Please see the documentation in the doc directory. The directory contains build environments for the following FPGA/NVMe board configurations: - KCU105 + Design Gateway AB17-M2FMC - KCU105 + Opsero 047 - HiTech Global K800 + Design Gateway AB17-M2FMC - VCU118 + Design Gateway AB17-M2FMC --- ## Prerequisites - Xilinx 2019.2 --- ## Important Notes - For K800 Build: the Design Gateway AB17-M2FMC must be used in connector J3 - Refer to user guide of relevant board for jumper settings - PCIe interface to host is X4 on all builds - Refer to documentation in doc directory for KCU105-specific details. These details can also be useful for builds on other platforms. --- ## Usage instructions 1. Clone the git repo: `git clone --single-branch -branch allBuilds/master <GIT URL>` 2. Change to the vivado directory: `cd vivado` 3. Copy the template config: `mv` 4. Edit the vivado ** for desired hardware: Daughter board selection is made via *CARD*: - `DesignGateway` - Design Gateway AB17-M2FMC - `Opsero` - Opsero 047 Board selection is made via *BOARD_NAME* (case sensitive): - `KCU105` - Kintex Ultrascale KCU105 - `K800` - HiTech Global K800 - `VCU118` - Virtex Ultrascale + VCU118 5. Create the Vivado project file: `make project` 6. The resulting project can be synthesised and implemented in GUI or flow using Vivado 2019.2.