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Status Information

Date Status
2007-06-19 Version 0.3.4 of the TMS software and firmware was released
2007-06-06 Pre-series system installed at CERN
2007-06-02 First PUPE firmware operational on board with TMS software operational
2007-05-20 First PUPE boards back from Manufacture
2007-05-03 There was a PCB layout problem with the PCI bus on the PUPE board. The PCB fixes have been carried out and the new board design is awaiting manufacture.
2007-04-26 First PUPE boards back from Manufacture
2007-04-20 First PUPE PCB boards arrived from PCB production
2007-04-19 First Release of TMS Software Complete
2007-04-19 Status Report 3 published
2007-04-14 All Pre-series components are now in stock and being used for development
2007-03-09 Status Report 2 published
2007-03-08 First PUPE FPGA Firmware has had initial testing on an ADM-XRC-4FX
2007-02-06 Status Report 1 published
2007-02-06 PUPE Board with PCB tracking house
2007-01-24 CERN gives informal agreement to design
2007-01-23 TMS Test signal generator working
2007-01-10 TMS Test signal generator board purchase
2007-01-01 Awaiting design Agreement
2006-11-17 Awaiting design Agreement
2006-11-16 Visit to CERN to go through design documents (Report: meeting-2)
2006-11-14 First pass TMS design documents released to CERN for approval
2006-10-17 Started design process for system,pupeBoard,pupeFpga and software
2006-10-16 Initial project meeting at Alpha Data with Alpha Data and Beam staff present (Report: meeting-1)
2006-10-11 Created support web site at:
2006-10-11 Project Started