ASTROFFT Software Release Notes

Release 1.9 2009-01-09

This release is for the original Redhat 7.2 system as used at Bristol University.
  1. Fixed a bug where the FPGA state was not being completely cleared on each processing run. We now reset the FPGA before the start of each processing run.

Release 2.0.1 1/3/2005

The release is a port to the Debian Linux system. It also uses the latest Alphadata ADMXRC2 device driver.
  1. Added support for the Debian Linux system.
  2. Changed to use the latests ADMXRC2 device driver.

Release 1.8 8/9/04

This release adds the ability to report the pointing position of the radio telescope in the header of the output data packets.
  1. Added the setPosition function to the AtsorFft command API. This takes three parameters: posType - the type of position information 0 is no information the rest of the possible values are user defined, pos1 - the first position and pos2 - the second position.
  2. Added the posType,pos1,pos2 fileds to the header output into the data files.
  3. Note that the ASCII file format header now has all of the standard header fields included as well as the dummy fields.
See the updated AstroFft API manual for more details.

Release 1.7 13/8/04

This release fixes a few bugs.
  1. The getState command did not return the actual fileName used as stated in the manual. This has been fixed.
  2. The setState command did not accept the actual fileName used as stated in the manual. This has been fixed.
  3. The setState command incorrectly set the main FFT operation mode. This has been fixed.
  4. The Control and Data sockets are now configured for immediate re-use to allow the immediate startup of the astrofft daemon after being aborted.

Release 1.6 9/10/02

This release adds support for the Real FFT processing mode

Release 1.5

This release fixes a bug in the control socket interface of the AstroFft daemon which caused problems with Microsoft Windows based telnet clients.

Release 1.4

Fixed a bug where the astrofft daemon would die after a number of runs when only one FPGA board was present in the system.

Release 1.3

Various bug fixes and feature addtions.
  1. AstroGui: Changed fonts to be fixed size.
  2. AstroGui: A run count-down indicator has been added.
  3. AstroGui: Graphs now auto scale downwards as well as upwards.
  4. AstroGui: Now has the ability to continuously repeat runs.
  5. AstroFft: The parameters in the data headers have been reordered so that all integers and all reals are together. This slightly simplifies the read.
  6. AstroFft: The format of time/date in the information files has been changed to the ISO 8601 format.
  7. AstroFft: The start time of each data average is now staored in the data header with milli second resolution.
  8. AstroFft: On pause on or off the time is now stored in the information file.
  9. Change Default FFT to 611 from 610
  10. Parameter return problem has been fixed

Release 1.2

Support added for running astrofft daemon in simulate mode with the "Simulate" parameter in the /etc/astrofft.conf configuration file.

Release 1.1

Original release.