Astronomical FFT processing system

AstroDataConv Utility


The AstroDataConv utility provides the ability to convert the binary Astro data files into an ASCII format.
The comand syntax is as follows:

astroDataConv [options] <astro binary file> <ASCII output file>
This creates an output file with lines of data samples. In normal mode each line contains 2048 or 4096 data samples in ASCII with a comma between each entry. If Gnuplot format is choosen then each line contains the sample index followed by the sample value.

The command accepts the following parameters:

Gnuplot format. Each sample will be output on a line preceeded by a number giving its index.
Gnuplot header format. This adds Gnuplot header information so that the output file can be "loaded" into Gnuplot with the load command.
Analogue data files. This assumes the input data is an Analogue data file. The output format consists of the sample index followed by the two samples from each channel on each line.
Number of data packets to process. By default all packets are processed.