AlphaData ADM-XRC Driver and Host Interface Library

Release 1.20


The BEAM ADM-XRC driver provides software access to the Alpha Data ADM-XRC series of PCI Mezzanine FPGA reconfigurable hardware cards. Typically used in the implementation of reconfigurable computing and IP prototyping these cards provide a host system the resources of a PCI coupled Xilinx virtex FPGA.

This guide describes the installation and usage of the BEAM Linux device driver and Host Interface Library for ADM-XRC cards. The ADM-XRC is a complex card and beyond the scope of this document to describe, details on the hardware can be found in the Alpha Data User Guide. Configuration of the on board Xilinx Vertex FPGA is performed using Xilinx .BIT format files. These files should be developed using appropriate development tools.

To aid the first time user we have included a small example program that configures the FPGA to perform a simple nibble swapping action and performs read write actions to the card.


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