descriptionDune NvmeStorage FPGA module and tests.
last changeMon, 17 Aug 2020 09:39:50 +0000 (10:39 +0100)
2020-08-17 Terry BarnabyDocumentation and build changes for 1.0.2 release. master release-1.0.2
2020-08-17 Terry BarnabyDocumentation updates.
2020-08-17 Terry BarnabyIn NvmeRead now clears Fifo when read is re-triggered...
2020-08-15 Terry BarnabyIn NvmeRead now clears Fifo when read is re-triggered.
2020-08-15 Terry BarnabyFixed an issue where the peakLatency value was occasion...
2020-08-14 Terry BarnabyModified NvmeStorageUnit.vhd to support Ultrascale...
2020-08-14 Terry BarnabyChanged the license to the Apache License version 2...
2020-08-13 Terry BarnabyIntegrated build system changes to supporAdam Gillard...
2020-08-12 Terry BarnabyFixed a minor bug in the test_nvme test software where...
2020-08-11 Terry BarnabyAdded support to the NvmeRead module to trim/deallocate...
2020-08-09 Terry BarnabyImproved CDC crossing system when reading registers.
2020-08-07 Terry BarnabySecond part of improved register access with system...
2020-08-06 Terry BarnabyImproved register access with system to support Wishbon...
2020-07-18 Terry BarnabyMinor bugfix release to aid debugging. release-1.0.1
2020-06-16 Terry BarnabyUpdates for first release 1.0.0. release-1.0.0
2020-06-16 Terry BarnabyOspero board support updates.
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