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Boapns::Boapns Class Reference

#include <BoapnsC.h>

Inheritance diagram for Boapns::Boapns:

BoapClientObject BSocket BSocket List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Boapns (BString name="")
BError getVersion (BString &version)
BError getEntryList (BList< BoapEntry > &entryList)
BError getEntry (BString name, BoapEntry &entry)
BError addEntry (BoapEntry entry)
BError delEntry (BString name)
BError getNewName (BString &name)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Boapns::Boapns::Boapns ( BString  name = ""  ) 

Member Function Documentation

BError Boapns::Boapns::getVersion ( BString version  ) 

BError Boapns::Boapns::getEntryList ( BList< BoapEntry > &  entryList  ) 

BError Boapns::Boapns::getEntry ( BString  name,
BoapEntry entry 

BError Boapns::Boapns::addEntry ( BoapEntry  entry  ) 

BError Boapns::Boapns::delEntry ( BString  name  ) 

BError Boapns::Boapns::getNewName ( BString name  ) 

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