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Parallel 'C' development system for Unix X-Windows


AlphaX is a `C' software development system with full X-Windows X11.6 support designed to "supercharge" the performance of a Unix Workstation by the addition of processing sub-systems based upon the powerful DEC Alpha risk processor.

The AlphaX development system allows Unix developers to readily take advantage of alpha performance. AlphaX provides a high degree of compatibility with the Unix development environment. This allows current X-Window applications to be ported to an alpha system with the minimum of changes.

AlphaX unites the DEC Alpha to the Unix host system in three ways:
A Unix SVID Interface library.
An X-Windows X11.6 Interface library.
A Unix based resource server for the Alpha.
A Unix compatible development tool-set.

Alpha applications have access to the resources of the host Workstation via the resource server and may utilise the full capabilities of the hosts X-Windows graphics resource. Likewise Unix processes may communicate with alpha processes to take advantage to the dramatic computational capability of such systems.


High performance sub-systems for Unix
Industry Standard X11.6 graphics for alpha applications
SVID interface to Unix.
Unix compatible development environment.
Multiple sub-system system support.


Huge increase in performance.
Multi-user access to Networked alpha resource.
Scalable increase in Workstation performance by the addition of more alpha processors.
Binary portability of produced applications between Unix hosts..
Transputer compatible.


Super performance Workstations.
Image Processing.
Mathematical Modelling.
Data acquisition& processing for Unix systems.
General Number Crunching.


AlphaX: Unix X11.6 alpha toolkit


3L Parallel AXP Compiler

Supported Hardware

AD66: AlphaData PC/AT Card. AD68: AlphaData PC/AT Card

System Support

Linux Elf systems
Interactive Unix V/386
Sun Solaris x86

Allied Products

AlphaMotif Motif toolkit
AlphaDebug Source CodeDebugger

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