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BEAM AlphaMotif

Parallel 'C' Motif development system for Unix


Motif is the industry standard toolkit for the developers of X-Windows applications. Written by the Open Software Foundation it provides a comprehensive set of graphical objects such as buttons, scrolling windows and menu systems. Applications so developed have the distinctive 3D Motif styling.

Motif has a user interface language (UIL) compiler. This allows the rapid production of a user interface without having to write detailed 'C' code. It also allows the user interface to be customised, without modifying the application code.

AlphaMotif is a complete implementation of Motif Version 1.1 to run upon the powerful DEC alpha risk processor. Used in conjunction with the BEAM AlphaX X-11.6 toolkit this product provides the facility produce Motif applications for alpha processors installed in Unix Workstations.

The use of BEAM's AlphaMotif with AlphaX gives the developer an easy route to increase the performance of current Motif Applications. The development environment closely matches that of Unix and the large number of supported Unix system calls provides a high degree of source code compatibility.

AlphaMotif also includes a Unix hosted Motif window manager. This allows the user to fully reap the benefits of the Motif User interface.


  • Full Motif 1.1 toolkit.
  • High level user interface language UIL.
  • Supports Alpha Processors.
  • Operates over Networks.


  • Motif speeds up product development.
  • Provides Industry Standard Motif graphics system for Alpha based applications.
  • Binary portability of final product between Unix host platforms.
  • Modern look to applications.
  • Application performance boost.


  • Super performance Workstations.
  • Data acquisition& processing into Unix systems
  • Image Processing.
  • Mathematical Modelling.
  • Simulation.
  • CAD.
  • General Number crunching.


    AlphaMotif 3.1: Alpha Motif toolkit.


    AlphaX 4.1: Alpha X11.6 toolkit. 3L Parallel C/AXP Alpha 'C' Compiler

    Alpha Supported Hardware

    AD66 : AlphaData PC/AT card. AD68 : AlphaData PC/AT card.

    System Support

    Linux Elf Systems
    Interactive Unix V/386
    Sun Solaris x86 Unix

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