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BEAM AlphaCDev

GNU 'C & C++' development system for Unix X-Windows


AlphaCDev is a C and C++ software development system with full X-Windows X11.6 support designed to "supercharge" the performance of a Unix Workstation by the addition of parallel processing sub-systems based upon the powerful DEC Alpha risk processor.

The AlphaCDev development system allows Unix developers to readily take advantage of multiple alpha performance. AlphaCDev provides a high degree of compatibility with the Unix development environment. This allows current X-Window applications to be ported to an alpha system with the minimum of changes.

Supplied Components

  • Industry standard GNU C and C++ compilers.
  • Unix SVID interface library
  • X-Windows X11 Release 6 interface library
  • A set of Unix compatible development tools.

Alpha applications have access to the resources of the host Workstation via a resource server and may utilise the extensive capabilities of the host platform, include networking and X-windows. Likewise Unix processes may communicate with alpha processes to take advantage to the dramatic computational capability of such systems.


  • Multi-user access to Networked alpha resource.
  • Scalable increase in performance by the addition of more alpha processors.
  • Binary portability of produced applications between Unix hosts..


  • Image Processing.
  • Mathematical Modelling.
  • CAD.
  • Simulation.
  • Data acquisition& processing for Unix systems.
  • General Number Crunching.

System Pre-Requisites

The AlphaCDev package requires the installation of the 3L Parallel AXP Compiler.

Supported Hardware

  • AD66/ISA AlphaData PC Card.
  • AD66/PCI AlphaData PC Card.
  • AD66/HTRAM AlphaData HTRAM Card.

System Support

  • Linux Elf systems

Allied Products

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