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Beam Parallel Processing Software for DEC Alpha Processing Boards

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  • Introduction

    With the growth in Workstations, there is a growing demand for compute intensive and real-time applications based around these platforms. Quite often these applications swamp the limited resources of the platforms single processor. Parallel architecture's based upon high powered processors can provide an ideal engine to assist the host for such work.

    BEAM's software development tools are designed to allow developers to make full use of the latest high technology board level products for parallel processing. The products are designed to enhance the power of Unix Workstations in the following areas:

  • Real World Interaction: (data capture, pre-processing and control)
  • Real-time performance
  • Raw Compute performance.
  • BEAM's software development tools have been designed with Open Standards and Unix compatibility as their primary goal. This allows developers to readily take advantage of the performance of these powerful board level products. In fact the level of compatibility allows most Open Standard Unix source code to be ported to these systems with the minimum of fuss.

    Real Time Processing

    Traditionally Unix and other such operating systems have had a poor reputation for real-time performance. This leads to problems when computers are called upon to perform tasks linked with real world events.

    AlphaX is targeted at developers who wish to perform this type of real time control and processing. Typically real world data is input directly into a Parallel Processor based acceleration subsystem and the Host Workstation is used as the controller and resource server allowing access to disks, networking and X-Windows.

    Compute Intensive Operations

    AlphaX can be used to dramatically improve the processing power of your Unix Workstation and network. The scalable architecture allows multiple Alpha cards to be used.


  • Unix compatible tool-set.
  • SVID interface to Unix host.
  • Full X11.6 X-Windows support.
  • Full Motif 1.1 X-Windows support.
  • Benefits

  • Vast increase in Workstation Computation power.
  • Can capture, pre-process real world data into a Unix workstation.
  • Networked super computer resource.
  • AlphaCDev

    AlphaCDev is the latest addition to BEAM set of Alpha products. AlphaCDev comprises a C and C++ development environment in addition to the support libraries provided by AlphaX.

  • AlphaCDev
  • TransX, I860X and AlphaX

    TransX, I860X and AlphaX are 'C' development systems for the Transputer, the Intel i860 and the DEC Alpha respectively. Included are: a Unix compatible development tool-set, a Unix Resource server and libraries to access both the Unix SVID interface and X-Windows X11.6..

  • AlphaX
  • AlphaMotif
  • AlphaDebug
  • Motif

    Motif development systems based upon a full implementation of the X-Windows Motif 1.1 graphics toolkit are available for all processors.