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Company Profile - BEAM Ltd


Founded in 1989 the company is located in the town of Yate, around 16 miles north of Bristol in the UK.

The company's core business activity is Software and Electronic design/development. There are two primary business activities :-

  • The development of innovative products
  • Sub-contract hardware/software development and consultancy
Products successfully developed and brought to market include :-
TransX A software development system for parallel processing systems
Unix Workstations Unix workstations based on PC technology
BXTERM A range of graphics terminals conforming to the X11 standard
XVI X-Window terminals for the visually impaired
XVI-SB X-Windows terminals for the blind
AlphaX An X11 software development system for Compaq Alpha parallel based processing systems
AlphaNode A powerful Alpha based compute engine for Beowulf style parallel computing clusters
AstroFFT A powerful FPGA based FFT processing system for processing Radio Astronomy Signals